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Pictures on this page by Barbara..last one by Mr. Tripod, assisted by Miss Timer

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Updates in Progress !! Thanks for stopping by! This website is a sampling of my images. I have had photography as a hobby on & off all my life. I am self taught & just truly enjoy the time spent doing it. My main camera is a Nikon D610 with 3 lenses....but I also have point & shoot cameras for hiking, etc. My motto is, "Shoot The Shot The Others Did Not!"
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In 2009 some of my images started getting attention and excellent reviews on many fronts; including excellent ratings from an international judging panel. I have been honored to have great public exhibits of my work - including as guest artist at the famous DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun in Tucson - as well as use in websites, published in the news media and in magazines - including magazine cover shots. Although I do use PhotoShop, I use it very minimally - I just enhance to bring the photo out to its best natural viewing. I want people to see the view basically as I saw it. That being said, I have decided to get a little creative on occasion so there is a link called "My Creative Side" - all these creations are from an original image of mine.

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Any of my images are for sale at very reasonable prices. All images up to 13 x 19 inches are personally printed by me. I have sold many giclee' (canvas wrap) prints up to 36 x 48 inches - printed by excellent professional firm. And, of course - cards, cups, etc can be made. I can be contacted at or 520-399-9331 if you wish to make a purchase, have any questions, or have comments on my work.

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I have two great Utube videos -- Grand Canyon at (8 min) & Hummingbirds at (4 min). Also please view our website - the Wanderings link takes your through our travels in the western United States & Canada.

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Most photo sections have more than one page - just click on "Next" at the bottom to go to the following page. Our home gallery is open by appointment. All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission.