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I am working on this section. How does one look thru thousands of images and pick favorites without having hundreds of pictures on here?! Obviously, many of my favorites are already posted in other sections.

But I have to include the first one. The next three were magazine covers in 2014 and 2015. I am honored to have these as well as the many images shown inside the magazines.

Entrance To Our Community

Quail Creek Waterfall - 2757 - finalxxxwebsite.jpg

Just out riding with Barbara and Sadie in the golf cart on 2-5-15 and came across this - only had a point and shoot and got this image! It is the lead image on our community website and is being purchased by the parent company.

"Discover Southern Arizona" 2013 - 2014 Cover


This was shot here on the Quail Creek community property.

"Discover Southern Arizona" 2014 - 2015 Cover


I was asked to come to a cattle roundup at Amado Equine Hacienda "down the road a piece" - but would be riding in a vehicle and not doing the actual work. But so I could take pictures. This shot was taken before we headed out.

"Inside Green Valley Sahuarita" 2014 - 2015 Cover

Goliath 1    vert cropwebsite.jpg

This is Goliath - I picked up that name from people who live in the area kinda near it. This saguaro is located out in the desert and, not only is it massive and has 5 crowns (which is virtually unheard of and you can see 4 of them) it stands alone out there! Not another one near it anyplace!