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I have taken thousands of cactus flower images - and some others as well. There are quite a few so just take your time and enjoy!

A couple of years ago I created a slideshow video which can be seen on YouTube - it is about an 8 minute presentation with music by Enya. See Then click on the cog wheel in the lower right and go to at least 480 (720HD preferred) and then [] for full screen - Esc will take out of full screen. Enjoy!

"Good Morning, Arizona !"

DSC_0320xwebsite copy.jpg

Was out taking cactus pictures and almost passed this one up as I had taken pictures of it the day before and I would be shooting into the sun. Needless to say, I am so happy I stopped and shot the image!


65 DSC01389sf500 c 8.jpg

My first - and probably most famous - cactus flower picture.

"Bright Barrel Cactus"

Barrel Cactuswebsite.jpg

This image was the first one I ever sold.

"The Lauren Flower"

DSC_0457xwebsite copy.jpg

"The Barbara Flower"

Foy 2website copy.jpg


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