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As I am sure you realize, I have shot tens of thousands of images of cactus and mountains over the years. This is a sampling of some of my best ones - put in here to show a variety of so many different things. Other than the first picture, there is not particular order of posting. Enjoy !

Barbara Cactus bestcrop for Costcoemail.jpg

This is my signature image - named after Dear Wife Barbara who spotted it from a distance & led to so many great images of it until - not too long after - age & lightning took it away. You will note in some of the images in this section that the horizontal arm on the right is broken or fallen off. I did not take pictures of it when further deterioration took place.


Barbara Cactus 6-30 edited-3website copyhremail.jpg


Stormy Cactusxx 3-10-15web.jpg

Hazy Sunset - hrcemail.jpg

Sunset Saguaro 1hrxemail.jpg

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